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We just want to share our way of life, to welcome everyone in our pop-up living-rooms, to meet as many people as possible… We are inviting you to come enjoy our vinyls playing, taste and share our coffee blend and tea line, our souvenir scents and photography of the world, our philosophy of life encapsulated in eau de toilette or tagged on art paper… Our pop-up little spots, where we often organize some acoustic gigs…

The Galleria

The Galleria Department Store is the pinnacle of luxury in Seoul with 5 locations across the city. The Lola James Harper pop up is located in Galleria Luxury West with a 25sqm space filled with our scents, pictures, fashion and good vibes...


LCDC is an iconic store in Séoul gathering a selection of luxury brands each telling their story... Within the space, a cozy café, pop-up spaces, fashion and lifestyle brands around the concept of travel, a rooftop bar... a beautiful experience combining many stories.
Lola James Harper has created it's pop-up store around it's way of life...Traveling the world. Playing and recording music. Capturing unforgettable moments through photography. Playing Basketball. Sharing precious moments with friends and family.... Discover our collection of scents with our candles and room sprays, our exclusive fine art print photography, our handwritten mindsets made in Paris by the artist and founder Rami Mekdachi... Live the Lola James Harper way of life with LCDC in Korea.

Le Bon Marché

In the very chic 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Bon Marché welcomed Lola James Harper during several events... This is the occasion for Rami Mekdachi to unveil the brand’s first "hotel". A life-size lobby of 300m2 where we find a bar with coffees and teas sourced by Mekdachi, an authentic recording studio, but also the new fashion collection as well as the range of scented candles, photographs, and many other surprises...

Teller L.A

Los Angeles is our second home... We love the vibe there and have made so many friends throughout the years... So, to celebrate the launch of our limited edition "The Venice Walk Streets" scented candle as well as our collaboration skateboard with Salt Surf and our exclusive basketball imagined by Venice Basketball League, we teamed up with our dear friends at Teller - the hotspot for women's fashion in Culver City - and created a unique pop up in Los Angeles. This pop up presented a new collection of summer photography by Rami Mekdachi, as well as our famous handwritten mindsets, scented candles and room sprays.