The Mr C Hotel Coconut Grove - 190G Limited Edition Candle

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22 The Mr C Hotel Coconut Grove


Surrounded by vibrant green trees as if a 1930s cruise ship has landed in the middle of a forest. Oak, Citrus Tree and Teak inside the ship dressing the reception desk floors, tables and chairs to welcome a guest.

The Mr C Hotel Miami in Coconut Grove is a romantic atmosphere encapsulated in an amber glass filled with ivory wax natural raw materials of wood, green tea and leaves...


Each time you light up your favorite candle...

  • Our candle is made of hard wax. To allow the scent to perfume your space, we recommend to burn the candle 2 to 3 hours at a time. It will reduce the amount of wax left on the sides of the glass, and extend the life of your favorite candle.
We recommend you to wait for the top layer of wax to be fully melted before you extinguish.
  • After each use, always cut the wick for it to be no longer than 0,5 cm at all times - this will avoid black smoke and improve the scent diffusion.
  • Light your candle wherever you want to go, wherever you love to travel, to fill the scent with your own memories.

A candle has that mystical vibe and spreads slowly and gently a scent while the room spray is so fresh and strong but for a few minutes… Combining the two is great… Spraying at first to fill the space with the scent and having the candle holding it for hours…