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Michelin Guide

« Travelling, going away, opening ones soul to new feelings, opening our eyes to new scenes, meeting a new way to live and dream... Going away to understand that the world is much more that what we think... Letting go the routine and taking the route to new horizons... Watching a new environment, a new light, a new nature... tasting other tastes... Understanding that the opposite of what is true somewhere is also true somewhere else... Living a few days away from our day to day life... Embracing what makes us happy and what dazzles us... Filling our senses with the unknown... Giving a new meaning to the words : adventure, openness and togetherness... Making the world a more understanding place for newness, creativity and diversity... That’s what Lola James Harper shares with Michelin... Giving the envy, the faith, the heart and the guts, the will, the curiosity, the adresses and even the wheels to do so...»