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Jessica Benett and Suzanne Hall talk with Rami about the inspiration behind each scent and his ability to custom aromas for people based on where they reside or where they have planted their own identity.

Michelin guides

Lola James Harper & Michelin Guide come together to celebrate the launch of the first ever "Michelin Guide California”...

"Embracing what makes us happy and what dazzles us... Filling our senses with the unknown... Giving a new meaning to the words : adventure, openness and togetherness... Making the world a more understanding place for newness, creativity and diversity... That’s what Lola James Harper shares with Michelin..."

entreprendre dans la mode

In this French podcast, Rami talks about meeting Pierre Bourdon and Benoist Lapouza, his first the years as a creative director, the creation of the two mythicial Colette and Hotel Costes scents, the importance of travel, the theory of "With" .... a truly inspiring talk between Adrien Garcia and Rami Mekdachi.



Rami Mekdachi discusses his childhood in Lebanon and France, his multidisciplinary professional journey, the creation of perfumes, his documentary films, the poetic vision that guides the Lola James Harper brand, satisfaction as a driving force in life, as well as the importance of proceeding step by step in order to work with and not against one’s environment and to be open to the surprise represented by each human encounter.



Being human

episode 1

Rami had the pleasure to be the first guest of Ducem in this documentary series and discuss the complexity of being… They discuss how to find peace in our ever changing world... The talk took place at our Paris studio.

craft not hype

Watch Rami's inspiring talk about artisanal philosophy, luxury, and friendship with George Esquivel, founder of Esquivel Shoes...

how we lead

Rami Mekdachi, Lola James Harper founder, had the honor to be the first guest of Rachel Mathia, leadership coach, for her new podcast HOW WE LEAD.

How We Lead is a podcast intended to inspire those who are seeking their own way and are creating their own path of success. Something as simple as a story can allow us a new perspective and new possibility.