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our collaboration candle

Founded in 1927, the Strand Book Store was established by Ben Bass as a modest second-hand bookstore, providing a sanctuary for book lovers. Today led by Nancy, his granddaughter, the store perpetuates a 90-year-old family tradition. With over 2.5 million books, the Strand remains a unique destination in New York, preserving its distinctive charm. A treasure trove boasting 29 kilometers of books.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the iconic bookstore The Strand with this scented candle created by Lola James Harper in collaboration with this legendary place in New York. Capturing the essence of the 2.5 million books that have spanned the decades, this candle exudes subtle notes of patchouli, paper, and wood. Add a touch of literary magic to your space with this captivating candle.

'Mise En Page by Sarah Andelman' until April 21, 2024