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22 The Banbū Leather Von Holzhausen - Candle 190G

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"I met Vicki this summer in her magnificent Lloyd Wright office in Beverly Hills. We shared a tea in her design studio and took the time to learn of a world where leather is made of plants or recycled fibres rather than animals. Keeping the softness, the touch of that amazing material but with no harm to any living souls by using only plant based inputs. This is now how the von Holzhausen team has made that dream come true. And there is one thing that leather also has, it’s the only fabric that has a smell hence it’s the only fabric that encapsulates souvenirs....your first leather jacket, first suede shoes, the interior of your first car... Our mission at Lola James Harper was then to begin to dream up a scent for the vegan leather so it will encapsulate the full experience of the original leather. The Banbū Leather candle is the first step in that creative process...Bamboo, Spice and Incense" - Rami Mekdachi


Made in France

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