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We’ve created a large scale installation at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in the style of a hotel lobby. It will serve as an exclusive preview of the first ever «Hotel Lola James Harper».

The Lobby of «Hotel Lola James Harper» will occupy a sprawling 300m2 of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche’s famed first floor through Paris Fashion Week and beyond…

The interactive space will allow guests to revel in the Lola James Harper way of life with all elements of their philosophy played out across seven distinct areas. The nucleus will be a central bar welcoming guests and serving Lola James Harper’s unique juice, tea and coffee blends; which will thrive as a hub of activity and area for socializing. For those guests leaving with a souvenir of the Lola James Harper lifestyle, the old fashioned reception will provide embossing and gift wrapping services.

Visitors will be able to take inspiration from the Lola James Harper ethos, as their printed sentiments will sway from the ceiling above corresponding scents that capture their playful spirit. Candles and fragrances will adorn custom-designed plinths throughout the place. Photography lovers can relax in the lounge gallery where Rami Mekdachi’s travel photographs, taken over twenty years will be on display, visitors are encouraged to spend time relaxing and experiencing the journeys and adventures depicted.

For those with a musical flare, the «Music Studio» area will offer a creative area to experiment and listen to the vinyl which will play throughout the day. Creative director and founder Rami Mekdachi’s «Music School» will also offer workshops where guests can book a place and while away time creating their own music.

The screening room, a private enclosed area within the open plan space, will premiere clips from the Lola James Harper film WITH - a poetic, musical and feel good film that captures two decades of stories and thoughts lived and told by artists.

This moment is a milestone in the natural evolution of the Lola James Harper brand four years since it originally launched in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in 2014. Set to open, «Hotel Lola James Harper» will embody the Lola James Harper way of life with communal spaces bringing to life the memories that have inspired the candles and room sprays.