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Sir Candle Man & Rue Saint Honoré Air

Sir Candle Man loves Rue St Honoré Air

"If you love Paris and you wanna go there straight from your home let me tell you about the candle you need to burn that will  take you right there".

Kind words from Kudzi Chikumbu, better known as Sir Candle Man, the sensational candle expert who offers beautiful tips to his viewers about the fragrance industry.

He loves our 213 Rue Saint Honoré inspired by the mythical Colette concept-store in Paris. For more than 20 years, this store was the place for amazing art, fashion, design... This is where we launched Lola James Harper in 2013 during Vogue's Paris Fashion Night Out. In 2018, our dear friends Sarah and Colette  offered to keep sharing their legendary scent with us and it’s now part of our permanent collection...
Travel to Paris with our 213 Saint Honoré Air candle & room spray, #SaintHonoré #Colette
@sircandleman best fig candle scent review ✨ #candles #candlesoftiktok #perfume #paris ft. @Lola James Harper ♬ Peace - Official Sound Studio
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