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New Single 'Bye Love'... ✨

New Single 'Bye Love'... ✨

Discover Lola James Harper’s new single featuring Ulona Hooman & Rami Mekdachi. This duo met 10 years ago, recording together with Cecile Gohel, Karima Adams et Fred Quota, for the original soundtrack of WITH the movie.
Lola James Harper, invited the artists to record in their unique Parisian music studio in the Batignolles neighborhood.
For 3 years, Ulona has been between NYC and Capetown, while Rami was between Los Angeles and Paris,… their encounter allowed them to gather their inspiration and put it into words and melodies. Ulona landed in Paris at the beginning of the month, and together, they took over the Lola James Harper studio… they played around with the melody… began to record six new songs… invited Nader Mekdachi to bring a touch of blues guitar… Laurent Chaine accompanied with his saxophone and low whistle … A beautiful collaboration song built by many minds.
Lola James Harper studio opened it’s doors to the public, welcoming friends and family to an exclusive premiere of the duo’s songs… This concert was then filmed and published live on our social media accounts.
‘Bye Love’ is the first of multiple songs Ulona and Rami wrote together during this most recent Lola James Harper experience…
Discover the new single on every music platform and watch the music video filmed in Paris for the occasion... ✨
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