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a rami mekdachi film

Find a quiet place, headphones, and enjoy our peaceful roadtrip movie

Rami Mekdachi is an awarded film maker and photographer, basketball amateur and music lover… His first feature film WITH, counting a search of peace, togetherness, simple joy and present, was awarded Best Documentary at the Golden State Film Festival in Hollywood & at the Open World Film Festival in Toronto, Best Director at Nice IFF, Best Original Score at Queen Palm Springs IFF, nominated for Best Cinematography at London IFF… Just released on AppleTV & AmazonPrime…
WITH is counting a search of peace, togetherness, simple joy and present through music, family and travel…

watch our 2 min trailer

"Watching WITH is so relaxing and calming. It is like it is telling me to slow and relax and enjoy beautiful music. This documentary sends a message that life is not always hectic and busy. It can be productive even if you are slowing things down. I love this documentary as it is a joy to the heart and speaks to the heart. Beautiful music, amazing cinematography and inspiring concept; this documentary is definitely a worthy watch".




Ulona Hooman is a South-African girl, full of magic... She is an old soul... With Rami they love to improvise and let go !

Fred Quota

Fred Quota is a surprising man, a sharp scientist and a talented drummer…an inspiring combination ! We met him in a train a few years ago, sometimes things are right and easy... 

Lili Mekdachi

Lili is a dancer and a sweet voice... with Rami, her father, they spend Sundays afternoon writing composing singing and taking the time to share ideas...


Karima is a thinker, a keen observer, always trying to understand human relations and human interactions...a charismatic woman...With Rami talks leads to melodies and words...


Cecile Gohel is a fire cracker...she’s full of energy, she lures you in... a natural entertainer! Playing music with CeciIe is all about giving energy and encapsulating it in a song...

noe mekdachi

Noé and Rami love to improvise together... Father & son music is so powerful ! No boundaries... no rules... just fun and joy...