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Archives 18-20

Paris Photo
18-20 rue des Archives, Paris

The Parisian concept store in the Le Marais district hosted Mekdachi and his Lola James Harper photography collection for one month to fill their walls and bring the California good vibes to the City of Lights. 

Guerilla Atelier

912 East 3rd St, Los Angeles

The prestigious luxury store / art gallery in Los Angeles’s uber cool Downtown Arts District neighbourhood hosted Mekdachi for a one-month exposition in their expansive space.  The floor to ceiling display of sunshine filled photography brought a new energy to the massive shop by bringing the outside in.

Gallery Bensimon

Paris Photo
111 rue de Turenne, Paris

The prestigious Parisian Bensimon art gallery in the heart of the Marais in Paris, invited Rami Mekdachi during the week of 'Paris Photo' Fair to share a selection of 15 road trip pictures from 20 years of travel.

Atelier Relief

Beirut Art Fair

Atelier Relief brings together photographers, architects and designers to create a three-dimensional piece of art. Lola James Harper joined this Atelier, bringing rhythm and movement on its photographies using cutouts mounted on detailed structures.

Purple London

27-29 Glasshouse St, London

The prestigious and global PR company based in London invited Rami Mekdachi to inspire their guests and clients with his re-knowned photography collection.

MIA Milan

Milan Image Art Fair
25 Via Mancucco, Milan

The MIA Art Fair is the most important art fair dedicated to photography in Italy. In 2021, they invited Lola James Harper, among galleries and exhibitors from around the world, to exhibit its sun drenched photography.

Hotêl Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Paris Fashion Week
24 rue de Sèvres, Paris

Lola James Harper created a large scale installation at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in the style of a hotel lobby.

The Lobby of «Hotel Lola James Harper» occupied a sprawling 300m2 of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche’s famed first floor through Paris Fashion Week and beyond…



An intimate curation of Mekdachi’s photography at the luxury Toronto location.

Teller L.A

8820 Washington Boulevard,
Los Angeles

The architecturally designed fashion boutique in LA’s influential entertainment neighborhood invited Lola James Harper for a month long expo to celebrate the launch of their "Venice, California" photography collection.  

Printemps Haussmann

64 boulevard Haussmann, Paris

The fashionable department store in the heart of Paris invited Mekdachi to share his nostalgic photography as part of their storewide 70s Exposition.


Vogue's Fashion Night Out
213 rue St Honoré, Paris

In September 2013 at the iconic concept store Colette in Paris, the fashion mecca, Mekdachi was  invited to launch his new brand Lola James Harper with a limited edition photography expo and concert during the the hottest night in town…Vogue's Fashion Night Out.

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

So Punk
24 rue de Sèvres, Paris

The Bon Marché Rive Gauche, iconic and luxurious Parisian store, invited Lola James Harper in order to celebrate the famous Punk years and express its music by installing a Music School.

Paper Mache Tiger

26 Cross St, London

In the heart of the Islington neighborhood in London is the fashion & concept store Paper Mache Tiger.  Old friends of Lola James Harper they hosted an art expo launched with an opening night concert. The California inspired space filled with palm tress, natural light and ping pong table was the perfect environment to highlight Mekdachi’s 70s inspired photography collection. 

Atelier Relief Bruxelles

20 rue Villain XIIII, Bruxelles

Atelier Relief brings together photographers, architects and designers to create a three-dimensional piece of art. Lola James Harper joined this Atelier, bringing rhythm and movement on its photography using cutouts mounted on detailed structures.

Hotel Tribe Batignolles

176 rue Cardinet, Paris

Last September Rami met the founder and owner of the Tribe Batignolles... They shared their memories of travel, music concerts and began to dream projects together... The first one would be to fill the space with a collaboration scent, photography and handwritten mindsets to share a common way of life through Art…

Amastan Hotel

Paris Photo
34 rue Jean Mermoz, Paris

As part of their pop-up gallery series, the Amastan Hotel in the heart of Paris invited friends and French lifestyle brand Lola James Harper for a one month exhibition.  Amastan’s pop-up project pays tribute to values the two brands share in common – love of travel and art. Alongside a temporary exhibition of summer road trip photography on view at the hotel, Lola James Harper also unveiled its music roots with a series of weekly live folk and rock concerts inside the hotel’s lobby bar.

Kann Design

8 rue des Moines, Paris

After meeting on the basketball court in their mutual Parisian neighborhood of Batignolles, furniture designers Kann Design invite Mekdachi to share his sun-drenched photography in all of their stores across the city.

Helder Supply & Co

Surf Expo
15 boulevard du Général De Gaulle,

Biarritz Helder Supply & Co in the south of France invited Lola James Harper to join its large selection of photography from around the globe.


Stylist Magazine
18 rue de Lappe, Paris

The super hype pop-up with Stylist Magazine in Bastille was a curation of some of Paris’s coolest artists, brands and admirers. Rami Mekdachi was invited to create a Lola James Harper space to share his way of life of photography, fragrance and a rock n’ roll concert that electrified the opening night.