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Superception Podcast w/Rami Mekdachi

Superception Podcast w/Rami Mekdachi

“The Wisdom of Sharing”

Superception Podcast Ep. 84 – Rami Mekdachi, Founder And CEO Of Lola James Harper And Author Of “Withdom” 

Rami Mekdachi discusses his childhood in Lebanon and France, his multidisciplinary professional journey, the creation of perfumes, his documentary films, the poetic vision that guides the Lola James Harper brand, satisfaction as a driving force in life, as well as the importance of proceeding step by step in order to work with and not against one's environment and to be open to the surprise represented by each human encounter.

Christophe Lachnitt, is the man behind Superception, or 'truth is just Perception', interviewing influential figures once a month. Specialized in communications, management and marketing, Lachnitt is first and foremost an independant consultant... During his career he has written four books, taught in the most prestigious french graduate schools, and participated in TedxTalks. 



" My first five years are moments of friendship, family, and sun because it was really when all the family was gathered and we were in that country that used to be a kind of utopia... You know there were some many nationalities, all the religions, you have the beach, the economic growth, the culture… it was something that was very rare. But when you have so much diversity, openness and richness, it happens that some day things can shift.
I’m glad to have experienced this for 5 years… I experienced the amazing balance, richness and openness there… although my souvenirs aren't very precise, I keep the feeling of harmony and warmth." 

What’s driving you towards one project rather than the next?
The first philosophy or way of doing for me is little by little with joy, so I never choose anything for a long run I choose something because when I meet someone or when I meet a project it’s just nice and worth an hour talking and sharing. (…) My job is to be as open and respectful to whatever project it is.”


Listen to the full podcast here... 

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