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What is your favourite Lola James Harper scent? How does it make you feel ? 
One of our loyal clients, Whitney Olschwanger (@WHITSTREET), talks about her favorite scent: The Music Studio on Trufo Street... 
"My favorite scent from Lola James Harper is the Music Studio on Trufo Street. When I first smelled the scent, I immediately felt like I was at home. I love just how it feels. It has this cozy but kind of like masculine feel to it and it just puts me in a good mood as soon as I smell it. At the time when I first smelled the scent, I was styling a lot of musicians, and it really allowed me to connect to my clients. I found that every time I introduced them to the scent, they also wanted the scent in their homes or in their recording studios. So this scent just has a really special feel to me. And it was such a good introduction to the brand. I hope you guys are able able to try it..."
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