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Friends & Treasure Hunters...

Friends & Treasure Hunters...

What a great way to start our partnership with the amazing store Rockett St George in the UK! They just published their inspiring interview with Rami, and we hope you'll enjoy it!  

by Ella St George | September 16, 2021
10 Mins With Rami Mekdachi, Founder Of Lola James Harper

Inspiring us through his many talents, we speak to Rami Mekdachi, Founder Of Lola James Harper about his love for travel, music, art & more...
Born in Beirut and raised in Paris, Rami has always travelled throughout his life and found inspiration all around him! In this 10 Mins With Interview, we talk to Rami about his creative visions as a photographer, filmmaker, musician and fabulous fragrances! Whatsmore, we find out how Rami makes a house a home, his favourite places to go and also the story behind his new Scents Available To Shop At Rockett St George. We are so thrilled to get to speak to Rami about his wonderful business Lola James Harper, plus how he lives in the moment and makes dreams come true! So read below to discover the passion that Rami has for his incredibly versatile lifestyle business, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

1. Let’s start at the very beginning, tell us about yourself and your eclectic shop filled with fabulous scents and artistic delights?

First of all, thank you for sharing so generously our world and thank you for understanding it so clearly… I’ve been travelling with my family for decades, taking pictures, recording songs and gathering scents … Lola James Harper is a poetic project that wants to share a peaceful and open vision of life through scent, songs, film & photography… We present a collection of photography that we took during our endless road trips, a collection of candles and room sprays where we encapsulated the fragrance of inspiring places and also feature films and music albums composed and produced through the years and with magical encounters…

2. What inspired you to set up a shop that combines all the things you love?

I just did little by little so many different things and slowly I happened to gather them all, I never really had a revelation it just came all together…

3. What is the story behind the name of your brand; Lola James Harper?

I’ve been touring the world with my daughter, my son and my wife since forever… I realized in 2010 that I had a huge archive of scents, songs and photography and that I could gather them all in one poetic art project so I asked the 3 people involved since ever in the process (my daughter, son and wife) to chose one name each… it was at a diner in Corsica, it took us 5 minutes and now it is our family baby in a way…

4. When designing the look and feel of your shop, how did you bring everything together to make the perfect space?




"since nothing is rational or touchable or visible in the parfum world only one’s memory linked to a scent is relevant…" Rami Mekdachi

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