Lola James Harper was founded by Rami Mekdachi in 2013 and launched at the mythical Colette concept store in Paris.

Since 1998, Rami has been a Perfume Creative Director for major brands, photographer and musician… It is been 20 years now that he is touring the globe with his family, Celine his wife, Lili and Noé their children, meeting singers, perfumers, taking pictures, recording music, creating fragrances, playing basketball and filming their road trips and encounters...

Rami is a storyteller of the senses, through photography, music, poetry, film making and parfumerie.

He was mentored by the industry's finest Pierre Bourdon, one of the legendary perfumers behind Frédéric Malle. Pierre was the creator of French Lover and Cool Water for Davidoff which revolutionized men's fragrance in the 1980s, and his protégé Benoist Lapouza is the author of By Killian Angels’ Share and several scents for Fendi for men.

Lola James Harper atelier is located in the Batignolles neighborhood, two floors filled with scents, sounds, photography, words, plants, writing and painting tools, music instruments and a good coffee machine. The ground floor has an archive of road-trip photography hanging, a turntable always playing, a big table with some ink and brushes to draw some mindsets on paper, a nice space to welcome friends, a console with the full collection of Lola James Harper candles and fragrances and so many shelves with Rami's archives of scents of places he loves, and that he will use someday. Downstairs there is a TV room to watch films and to edit new movies, and next to it is a music studio with guitars, drums and microphones to play and record songs with friends.