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Whoever, whenever, wherever and whatever we are,
we want to be more, yet we are already enough,
when we are with, gathering some Withdom...

Sometimes we have that desire to change it all, to dare, to reveal something
else from our own potential, to reach new horizons, to be closer to what we believe in, to step firmly towards our real nature, to fulfill a dream...

But is it a dream, a fantasy, an intuition, an inspiration or just an idea?
Is it what we really need or is it just something cool and appealing?

Should we dare to go for it or just wait?
Are we waiting because we are weak or wise?

is a way, step by step to draw a better Future, a more satisfying journey...
Rami Mekdachi was born in 1971 in Beirut, Lebanon, and raised in Paris, France.
He lived in Lancaster, England, in the San-Juan Islands and Seattle, Washington.

Rami is the founder of the worldwide Art Project, Lola James Harper.
He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and artists around the world
helping them give birth to their projects and dreams, articulating their image, vision, energy and evolution...

is Rami’s way to share what his years of countless works in progress and co-creations have taught him...

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