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Jasmine / Casablanca Lily / Musk / Magnolia

We spend every summer a few weeks playing basketball on the legendary Venice beach courts between the skate park and muscle beach... Going back and forth to our hotel, passing through those poetic Venice walk streets filled with shade, wind and scents of white flowers... Passing by colorful homes with there patios showing what life goes with it... like an open book with different versions... like a dream with different lives... gathered together with one fresh flower scent...

Lola James Harper at Le Bon Marché Marché for the exhibition “Los Angeles Rive Gauche”

We were so proud to share our love for the City of Angels at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

In our sunshine filled space surrounded by palm trees, we slowed things
down. During these two months we played our California soundtrack with our favourite LA artists on vinyl: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Harper, The Beach Boys...
Discover our exclusive “Los Angeles” souvenirs: The Venice Walk Streets #22 candle with notes of jasmine, Casablanca lily, musk and magnolia has been scenting our space and taking you back to our special moments in Venice Beach.
Our new photography collection decorated our walls and inspired you with memories from our Summer Road Trip. We have also invited our good friends Salt Surf to join us with our"exclusive" collaboration “cruiser” skateboard, one of our favorite ways to get around Venice Beach.