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22 The Oyuna Cashmere

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Carrot incense / Myrrh / Labdanum / Iris / Cedarwood / Coffee / Cinnamon / Vetiver

"I first discovered Oyuna Cashmere in Paris at Le Bon Marché. I instantly loved the raw smell of Mongolian cashmere, between sand and bamboo, between wet earth, incense and carrot. One year later I met Oyuna Tserendorj in London at a a concert and I remember how amazed we were to realise that we had such similar family ways of life and brand values".

Rami Mekdachi, Founder of Lola James Harper

The OYUNA brand embodies the deep connection between the designer, the land she comes from and her commitment to sharing the values and cashmere of Mongolia with the world. Oyuna Tserendorj believes in the essence of things, experiences and what it is to be human, for her creativity is intrinsic to that, and a condition that is at the very heart of it. A soulful quest for the essential, OYUNA tells the story of our experience through the few precious objects we own, reflecting the nomadic values of Mongolia.

Made in France

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