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22 The Isetan Shinjuku

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 Rosewood/ Coffee/ Mahogany Wood/ Cardamom 

"I wanted to convey in this scent the dream of a long gone romantic coffee place and encapsulating the Japanese art of living. The image of a nostalgic, romantic coffee place where we used to go to read a book or talk to a friend and have a coffee. Sitting on red velvet benches and couches with massive wood tables, flickering lights and whispering conversations.

In 2014 when we opened our first living room in Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in the heart of Paris we used to offer a coffee to every guest passing by to let them take the time to enjoy our music, our pictures and our fragrances in that mythical Parisian place. In Spring 2014 is when one of the Isetan ambassadors came by and was intrigued by our installation and the vibration that it was sharing. She approached me and said that she felt really connected with our atmosphere and that it brought her back home. Year after year we had the chance to meet new Isetan ambassadors and in 2020 Hisato Takenouchi was the one that brought us together and made the dream of collaboration come true."

- Rami Mekdachi, Founder Lola James Harper

Made in France

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