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Drawing inspiration from her dual passions of dance and photography, Lili Mekdachi's inaugural photo book, "Summer Balade," is a compilation that chronicles her visual journey across the United States. A labor of love that spans a decade of exploration, "Summer Balade" presents an intimate portrayal of American life as experienced through Lili's unique perspective. Through "Summer Balade," Lili's intention is to provide an immersive experience that invites readers to embark on a journey alongside her, sharing in the sights, emotions, and experiences that have shaped her artistic identity.

As a contemporary dance student, traveler, and photographer, Lili Mekdachi offers a unique fusion of talents that transcend boundaries. "Summer Balade" is more than a collection of photographs; it's an invitation to explore the intersections of movement, culture, and the American landscape. With this debut photo book, Lili invites us to embark on a sensory voyage, where every image is a brushstroke on the canvas of a larger, shared human experience.

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