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Rami Mekdachi is a revered perfume art director, renowned for his work with prestigious brands such as Costes parfum, Chloé candles, Eau de Colette, Lacoste candles, Roger Vivier parfum, Jacques Garcia candles, Mama Shelter home spray, La Reserve Genève candle, Hôtel Arts Barcelona candle...
In 2000, he revolutionized the hotel industry by introducing luxurious cosmetic lines and making scent a central part of the guest experience. His creative genius and collaborations have set new standards of excellence, adorning spaces with captivating fragrances that embody sophistication and indulgence. Rami's enduring legacy as a visionary in perfumery has left an indelible imprint on the world of luxury.

Rami captivated the audience at the L.E Miami Hotel event with his insightful talk on the importance of creating a signature scent for hotels, emphasizing the power of fragrance to shape the guest experience.