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January 18 to February 18, 2024

We are proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with the iconic Paris concept store MERCI. This prestigious place has invited us to share our way of life through our scents films and photography.  At the entrance of MERCI under the big dome where the most prestigious brand have been sharing their world.

The "PACIFIQUE" installation under the dome of 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais is a joyful and inspiring stroll through music, fragrances, images, and this energy directly imported from the Pacific coast. A ray of sunshine in the midst of Parisian winter. "PACIFIQUE", a title, a place, a state of mind, a word that evokes peace, gentleness, and a touch of magic.

"The most Californian of Parisian brands."

– The Good Life

"Lola James Harper transports us straight to the Pacific coast."

– Mild Decoration

"L’union de l’art, du parfum, du sport et de la vie"

– Nylon Magazine

The exhibition is divided into six themes, echoing the fragrances and photographs of iconic places by Lola James Harper, offering several exclusive previews. The grand wall of the dome will present 50 exclusive prints by Rami and Lili Mekdachi, immersing visitors in their bright universe, accompanied by projections of excerpts from the award-winning film 'WITH' by Rami Mekdachi, which takes us on an immersive road trip…

MERCI will also exclusively present ‘HOOPTIME’, the latest film by Rami and Noé Mekdachi. This film explores the little miracles and wisdom transmitted by street basketball. Many products accompagny this movie... The Venice Beach Basketball Courts scented candle, The Veniceball collaboration limited edition basketball, the HOOPTIME photo art book, and of course the photo prints collections that will be showcased on the Merci wall under the dome...






In collaboration with Arthur Gerbi, artistic director of Merci, we designed 'PACIFIQUE', a celebration of the American West Coast, right here in the heart of Paris."

– Rami Mekdachi

Our intention? Create a joyful and inspiring stroll, through music, perfumes, images and this energy directly imported from the Pacific coast... a ray of sunny sunshine in the middle of Parisian winter.

– Rami Mekdachi

The PACIFIQUE exhibition is not just a title, it is a state of mind, a word that evokes peace, gentleness and a touch of magic. An immersive experience where every detail is an ode to the magnificent Pacific coast.

– Rami Mekdachi