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Lola James Harper is proud to present THE MUSIC DREAM STUDIO, a place where you can come to write, compose, play and record your original song with Lola James Harper...

After having all together, created the lyrics, all together with headphones, each member of this ephemeral band pick an instrument, one is going to set the rhythm, the other one is going to play a bass chord, the third one grab the synth, and the fourth will sing the lyrics written by the group with Rami playing the guitar. The song is then recorded and released for everyone to walk away with the fresh mp3 on his device. An unforgettable experience...

"the game consists in fishing for a miracle, by helping non musicans to meet and compose something very simple, original and that sounds great ! Each one is bringing its own sensitivity and personal universe, and all together we are creating a story connecting everyone thanks to the lyrics of our very own song... A way to remember about the magical power of togetherness..." Rami Mekdachi