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22 The Laurence Bras Rue de Rivoli

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Fig Tree Flower

A flowerly sweet smell that resonates with the light and joyful femininity that Laurence Bras shares with the world. As if the air of Les Tuileries is filling the shop with its scent.

“My perfume career always began around Place Vendôme, Saint Honoré, and Rue de Rivoli with the scents of Hotel Costes, Colette and Jacques Garcia’s showroom. Laurence Bras told us she was opening her flagship store in our sweet spot area we wanted to be part of this great moment with her. “                                                           - Rami Mekdachi, Founder of Lola James Harper

“I immediately fell in love with this scent. It was obvious to me that it was going to become the smell of the store. When I learned that Rami had created this smell by thinking of the Tuileries gardens, I found the story even more beautiful and wonderful. Chance would have it ...’’
- Laurence Bras, Founder of Laurence Bras

The designer Laurence Bras has always transmitted emotions and values to us. Like a certain sense of style that was built on childhood memories: the smell of her grandmoth- er's pie, fluid and airy dresses, her aunt's fur coat ...

A sensitive approach that it unfolds through collections tailored for our daily active, “cool”, demanding women.

Laurence Bras' idea? Offer an ideal wardrobe for women, for women. Twist of elegance and simplicity, which sticks to the skin, which accompanies us every day, like the sweet smell of a perfume.

Made in France

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