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a rami mekdachi film

HOOPTIME is a 72 minute feature documentary about basketball wisdom… Gathering renowned basketball players, coaches, journalists, scouts, agents, personal trainers, league founders, artists, hoopers and influencers, sharing what basketball has taught them personally through the years.

At a time when basketball documentaries are prolific, HOOPTIME takes it to another level, capturing the emotional and philosophical side of the sport.  

HOOPTIME explores basketball life lessons and Insights, as the commencement of a series of episodes. This is the first piece of a bigger project.  Further interviews with NBA players, dunk champions, renowned hoopers and trainers are already lining up.
Rami Mekdachi is a brilliant multi-disciplinary artist and creative director.  He is the founder of Lola James Harper, a brand that has grown worldwide to include more than 300 of the most prestigious concept stores and international galleries. 

Rami’s scope as an artist includes being an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and musician.  His first feature film, WITH, a poetic road trip exploring peace and togetherness through music, was awarded BEST DOCUMENTARY, BEST ORIGINAL SCORE, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY.

For HOOPTIME, Rami edited 10 years of travel footage, talks and games, and created an as yet unreleased original soundtrack.

Watch the Trailer Here

“My intention is to inspire hoopers of every age, and show what basketball brings to our lives, far beyond the classic win/lose dimension of the sport. We experience firsthand how basketball is an endless source of wisdom and meaningful encounters, both an art form and a grand scenic game. At first, I was amazed by the pure love for the game that even renowned champions wanted to be part of HOOPTIME, highlighting for me that this passion needed further expression in a new type of basketball documentary.“ 


Starring Nick Ansom, founder of the mythical VeniceBall league in Venice Beach, California. Yann Ohnona, writer/ journalist and NBA expert, who just released a book about Kobe Bryant. Juan Aísa former pro-basketball player & founder of YouFirst Sport, a major NBA agency. Elvin Rodriguez pro-player & artist. Joanna Hanna, hooper, artist and influencer. Noé Mekdachi, hooper, award-winning artist, co-founder of Lola James Harper. Darren Lee, former pro-player and renowned musician. Anthony Brewster, a Venice Beach legend and award-winning artist & producer. Tarek Ghaffari, NBA personal trainer… and many more.