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Rami met Serge and Yves Bensimon over 20 years ago ... we are proud to have collaborated on so many beautiful projects...

The friendship began when Rami created the mythical Bensimon Cologne... since Bensimon has invited Lola James Harper to expose it's photogrpahy at the famous marais gallery... today, discover our two new collaboration candles celebrating so many beloved memories...

To celebrate this unique friendship, Lola James Harper imagined two exclusive and limited scents... discover these candles in every Bensimon Store...

the gallery bensimon

Opoponax / wood / spices

"I had the chance to meet Serge and Yves Bensimon more than 20 years ago now… 2 brothers who toured the United States in the 70s and came back full of memories and ideas… they drew a world of their own between fashion and design… always colourful, always fresh and bright… Scandinavian inspiration, influenced by the California desert… In 2010, they opened the Bensimon Art Gallery in Paris and invited us to exhibit our road-trip photographs around the world… to celebrate this friendship and this place dedicated to art and design, we created a candle that encapsulates the essence of this Parisian gallery with its wooded ceiling and terracotta-lined walls. - Rami Mekdachi

the atelier bensimon

musk / wood / neroli

“In 2004 Serge and Yves asked me to create the Bensimon colognes… After 1 year of daydreaming, discussions and sharing with the 2 brothers the colognes were born… It is at the Bensimon workshop, on the 5th and top floor of this imposing building of jemmapes... Headquarters of the brand Bensimon... where everything takes shape and decides that we dreamt these colognes… to celebrate this inspiring place we encapsulated the perfume of the Bensimon workshop in our wax and our collab candle…” - Rami Mekdachi