22 The Maison Francaise de Cires

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Atlas Cedarwood

Limited Edition candle to celebrate 18 years of friendship and craftsmanship. 

A scent of good wood and wax. 

"In 2002 I met Najim and Elisabeth Boundaoui, and their daughter Mathilde. They are the founders of Maison Française des Cires. I was impressed by their art, they are wax masters. It seems to be easy just to put a wick in a wax with a perfume but in fact it is a really meticulous and precise work of art. I realized how choosing the wick, the size of it, quality of it and choosing the different wax qualities, elements will it be vegetable or mineral. And the interaction with the perfume is something that just needs years and years of understanding to master it. Najim and Elisabeth come from a family of waxmasters and it’s been four generations now that they are in that field. To celebrate our long friendship we have created The Maison Française des Cires candle to share with our friends around the world". - Rami Mekdachi