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22 The Galerie 46 Living Room

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Smoked Wood/ Coffee / Mahogany Wood / Incense

When I dreamt getting into the Galerie46 showroom I imagined being overwhelmed by the scents of the chimney and the wood burning in it. All of the fragrances pouring out the chimney and resonating with the rough bricks around. Everything there is brown, dark and warm colours, cozy and welcoming.

“Just imagine landing in St Petersburg and getting to Galerie46. Sitting in a comfortable brown armchair next to a beautiful giant chimney talking about design and how to transform a house into a home. This is a scent of the place where all of those dreams and talks are made and all designs are forged.”

Rami Mekdachi, Founder Lola James Harper


Galerie 46 was founded in 2006. Today the company has three showrooms located in the center of St. Petersburg – Ralph Lauren Home, Boffi & Minotti Studio and Rimadesio. All showrooms were designed by Galerie46 in collaboration with architects of the Brands. Galerie 46 also has a showroom in the center of Sochi.

Architectural and design bureau with contract division and construction department adds the structure of the company.

It's all about tracing your style and not to care about trends or what other people might think. You have to be surrounded by your own sense of beauty in your own house.

Made in France

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