22 The Culinistas Studio

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22 The Culinistas Studio

Cinnamon / Carrot / Cardamome / Cedarwood / Patchouli

An open, art-filled space with wood floors and the culinary scents of spices....cardamome, carrot and cinnamon. A real friendship that was bonded at a dinner party in the summer of 2017 at a home in Venice Beach around The Culinistas amazing food.


"Jill is a dear friend that travelled the world to understand how food creates togetherness moments and is central in any community before even being the taste. It’s celebration and common ritual. We met in LA a few years ago talking about how music, perfume and food are made with the same meaning: gathering people and creating families. When she opened her New York studio I just wanted to celebrate it by creating the scent of that huge wood space, in that Union Square loft with wood floors, white walls and joy."

Rami Mekdachi, Founder Lola James Harper

With over a decade of experience as a private chef, caterer, cookbook author and restaurant veteran, Jill Donenfeld is a hospitality expert with a global perspective. As co-founder of The Culinistas, Jill is on a mission to bring us back to the table by making it easier for busy, urban families to access delicious and nourishing home-cooked meals.  The Culinistas is a full-service, in-home private chef company committed to hospitality.