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22 The Alice Balas Atelier

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Leather / Wood / Cumin / Cardamome 

A wardrobe classic with an endless sense of versatility, Alice Balas is the brand making the biker jacket great again. Based in Paris but with an international eye, each piece is crafted to be different – offering iconic designs that defy trends and traditions. Since opening her namesake boutique in the Marais in June 2016, Alice Balas has shot to infamy for her rock chic silhouettes in a diverse range of leathers – bringing a sense of easy rider style to a core classic.

How did this project come around ?
We were neighbors at one of the most beautiful department stores in Europe… The natural scent of Alice Balas space was so amazing : real scent of leather from the legendary Perfecto jacket that Alice re-creates. We decided to dream up a candle that encapsulates the scent of leather&spice of rock&roll.

How would you describe this scent ?
It’s my interpretation of Alice atelier in Paris where she designs, dreams, and shapes fashion perfecto’s jackets… I love the fact that each one of her perfecto has a story linked to their owners, it’s some rock couture in Marais atelier with music blasting out to give inspiration and energy…

What inspired you during the creation process ?
Alice passion and generosity, her understanding of what a jacket can bring to its owner, her smile while listening to people’s dreams, her vision of a mythical fashion object that she re-invents each time with endless details and twists…

Product Information
Our candles are Made in France. No animal derived ingredients Meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards.
Our paper boxes are 70% made of recycled paper and are 100% recyclable.
To enjoy your candle, always cut the wick before lighting it and burn it by cycles of 3 hours. 
Made in France

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