"Mind is Past & Future Body is Present"

30 x 40 cm 

Hand calligraphed mantra, with "Abyssal Black" ink and traditional Japanese brush.
Embossed, stamped laid paper 90g
with 590g Lustrocard
in clear plastic sleeve and recycle paper box

"Mind is past and future body is present"

Just put your attention on a watch and focus on the seconds passing by... our life cannot be linked to that time flow, our mind is always a few hours back or few weeks ahead... while our body can not be few seconds back or few seconds ahead... our body is in the present linked to each second... the more we use our senses and our body the more we are anchored in the present, the more we use our mind the more we float in past or future...
After hours of thinking, calling on the phone, surfing on the web, watching videos or playing online it can be good to bring the body back in the game by breathing mindfully or listening around you, or watching what is, or talking to the person in front of you or playing music with a friend or playing any sport ... to help our soul to be present...