Handwritten Mindsets Studio

March 31, 2020

Handwritten Mindsets Studio

Ou way of life in Mindsets, Lucky Charms, Mantras that we write, sign and stamp…
Like an Art Reminder…


Just Say Yes
The more we grow up the more we say no, while we did learn everything by accepting new knowledge, new understanding, new experiences, by taking a leap of faith... sometimes it is nice to remember that saying yes can be good even if our grown up mind tells us why we should not do it.

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Play Again Now
The more we grow up the more we think that playing is for others, is not relevant and a loss of time while playing is the only way to open our mind to letting go, to give a chance to miracles. It is exactly how we learned to walk, to touch, to smell, to love, to eat, to talk when we were babies... it is the only and exclusive way for a baby to evolve while we decide someday that playing is now obsolete and that reading, thinking and rationalizing is enough...

Sometimes it is nice to remember that playing again can be good even if our grown up mind tells us why we should not do it...

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Love is All
Have you ever tried to solve anything and really succeeded without taking into account the other one, without giving some loving thoughts... without being with the other party ... Love is really the only way to untangle and release any form of stress and disfunction...

Sometimes it is nice to be remember that love can be good and the only way even if our grown up mind tells us why we should not do it...

Together is Better
whoever, whenever, wherever
and whatever we are,
we want to be more,
yet we are already enough,
when we are together

Sometimes it is important to be remember that togetherness can be good and the only way even if our grown up stubborn mind tells us that alone we could be more free and faster while together we are always more balanced and stronger...

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Little By Little With Joy
Why always try to do huge steps with so much hardship? Sometimes it is good to take it step by step, little by little try to enjoy each moment of it and then with no hardship make it through... with joy... being present to what is and embracing each step instead of keeping the goal overshadowing the day by day accomplishments...

Sometimes it is important to remember that slowing down and enjoying every step can be good even if our grown up sometimes stubborn mind tells us that faster is better.

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Do What You Love With People You Love
We tend to do what we have to do with people that will help and be the good partner and expert in the field... sometimes it is nice just to do what we love with people we love with no regards on the rationality of the project and of the team skills... because good surprises could occur...

Sometimes it is important to remember that doing what we love with people we love is just good and easy...

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Everything Will Come Together
We spend our whole life designing puzzle pieces not knowing how they will click together and create a bigger picture that we can not see while doing it... we need to trust the future and to know how things get together somehow... just take a second and remember all the good things that happened to you in your life... how many of them you did control or plan or organize?
Don’t you see how things get together somehow ... our job is to design good pieces and wait for them to merge...

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Mind is Past and Future,  Body is present
Just put your attention on a watch and focus on the seconds passing by... our life cannot be linked to that time flow, our mind is always a few hours back or few weeks ahead... while our body can not be few seconds back or few seconds ahead... our body is in the present linked to each second... the more we use our senses and our body the more we are anchored in the present, the more we use our mind the more we float in past or future...
After hours of thinking, calling on the phone, surfing on the web, watching videos or playing online it can be good to bring the body back in the game by breathing mindfully or listening around you, or watching what is, or talking to the person in front of you or playing music with a friend or playing any sport ... to help our soul to be present ... sometimes...

Find Where The Sun Keeps Shining
It’s not a quest, it’s not a place, it’s not a time slot... it is a mindset that anywhere, anytime we should try to convey... try to always look for what’s good...

Open Your Eyes, Your Ears...
Any second of the day, any place we are, there is an opportunity to hear, smell, taste, watch, discover, play, enjoy something... to be dazzled by our surroundings, be touched by the world around...

Embrace What Makes You Happy
What Makes you happy? Take a second to réalise what makes you happy... take a moment to open that gate of fulfillment and joy and embrace it...

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